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Do You Know How to Maintain Porcelain Veneers in Spring?

July 15, 2017

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Have you considered getting porcelain veneers in Spring?If you’re struggling to feel confident in what your smile has to offer, it may be time to make some changes. To make quick, permanent improvements to your teeth, consider getting porcelain veneers in Spring. Finding a cosmetic dentist that can custom create your veneers correctly can be tricky. Consider visiting your dental expert both in functionality and aesthetics, Dr. Kelly LeBlanc. Do your chipped, discolored, or unevenly spaced teeth, hold you back from achieving your goals in life? Family Dental on Louetta can help you! We also provide all our patients the tips and information you need to maintain your corrected smile for years after receiving your porcelain veneers.

Understanding Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of high-quality dental porcelain that mask the flaws your teeth have. They just sit on top of the fronts of your teeth to hide your imperfections. Your Spring dentist will personalize your porcelain veneers based on your facial structure and the smile goals you wish to receive. In just a few visits, Family Dental on Louetta can transform your smile by improving the color, size, shape, and overall appearance of your teeth. You may be the perfect candidate for veneers if you want to fix chips, cracks, gaps, misalignments, and misshapen teeth for years and years. These veneers are easily maintained by following these 4 guidelines:

1.     Keep Up Your Oral Hygiene.

If you want your new smile to last long, you must keep your teeth and gums healthy. Good oral hygiene directly correlates to healthy teeth, which are necessary for your veneers to stay in good condition. Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, along with professional cleanings at our Spring office will keep your natural teeth healthy and your porcelain veneers bright and shining.

2.     Avoid Biting into Hard Objects.

Even with your natural teeth, you should avoid biting objects that put your teeth at risk for cracking, fracturing, or chipping. Opening packages and other things is never a clever idea if you have porcelain veneers either. They will eventually tear, chip, or break from this bad habit. Veneers can withstand normal biting pressure, but they’re long lifetime can be cut short if they are exposed to unnatural pressures.

3.     Stay away from dark foods and drinks.

Yes, veneers are stain resistant, but they will still discolor overtime. If you drink dark substances like wine regularly, stains will eventually occur over the years. It is okay to indulge sometimes, but enjoy them in moderation with your smile in mind. Rinse your mouth afterward so that some of the staining particles can be washed away.

4.     Visit Our Dental Office Routinely.

Visiting your dentist every 6 months is very important to the maintenance of your veneers. Dr. LeBlanc can monitor your veneers, teeth and gums, and check for potential problems. During each dental appointment, we will perform professional cleanings—preventive care avoids huge dental problems down the road for both your natural teeth and veneers. Dental visits every six months should be enough for you dentist to properly care for your teeth and gums.

When’s Your Next Appointment Scheduled For?

Although getting porcelain veneers is relatively simple, it’s still important to meet with your dentist to achieve and maintain those stunning results. If you live in Louetta, Kohrville, Klein, Cypress, or Avonak, give our office a call to schedule your appointment.

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